To overcome the changing and competitive scenario and keeping in mind the different study practices of different students, we have divided the coaching for Std. XII+CET/NEET into 3 batches:

Vacation Batch:
This batch was created for students whose performance in Std. X may not have been a true reflection of their caliber. To learn in advance of the academic year help the students to avoid problems coming in between their caliber. The teaching staff, stuffy material and number of lectures in this course are the same as Ranker’s Batch.

Ranker’s Batch:
Ranker’s Batch is specially created on demand of students and their parents. Most suitable for scholars, this batch is characterized by comprehensive coaching and rigorous studying. Not a single effort is spared to get the best from each student to make it to the top for him/her. As the course commences early, it is possible to conduct a large number of tests over a well-spread time.

Group Tuitions
Smaller batches put some students at ease and encourage them to speak out, answer oral questions and ask doubts. The student will get tremendous practice and confidence. Gurukul’s private tuitions are extremely beneficial for students who prefer studying in smaller batches. The batch size is limited to 20 which results in better student-teacher relationship.