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Student Counseling & Stress Management Done by Experts
Students are always under tremendous pressure, be it parental pressure or peer pressure to perform will and are generally overworked affecting their performance. To help them out of this problem, we have counselor for students to regain the lost confidence and boost their morale. We motivate the students to overcome stress. So that they emerge with flying colors the motivation thus given, provides them with an extra edge in this competitive world.

Doubts Solving Revision
After class coaching if a student has any doubt in any subject we can provide them personal sitting to solve his/her doubts revision is only method to fetch marks. So we provide systematic revision lectures for every subject to clear every concept. Parent counselling
It is observed that the support to the parents pays more vital role for the students to achieve success. Therefore to add a feather in the cap, we also arrange parent counseling to make them aware to the requirement of the child and thus be a ceaseless inspiration at home.


Disorderly conductor non - compliance with rules and regulations of the institute will disqualify student from further attendance, solely at the cost and risk of the student's own future.

Time Management
Having done all the above said, we haven’t stopped. We haven’t failed to notice that the students always fall short of time during their examinations for which there could be several reasons. But at Gurukul, we train the students to manage time efficiently and utilize their available time to the best of the abilities.